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Tennyson King features a playfulness on “Share This Moment”.

Tennyson King - Share This Moment

Tennyson King features a playfulness on “Share This Moment”. Instrumentally rich there is a nimbleness to the sound. His voice has a reassuring presence to it. Piano, guitar, and drums intermingle giving it a wonderful hook. Full of such color there is a happiness to the whole piece. Quite inspirational the hope that the song radiates feels infectious. Within this piece Tennyson helps to push the idea of pop further, into a thoughtful, meditative sense of reflection. Such optimistic vibes shower the entirety of the piece helping to add to the carefree attitude. Volume is a must for there is a cascading quality to the song, the way that the meditative looping effect makes sure that the piece absolutely soothes the very soul.

Arrangement-wise, he packs a lot into the overall sound. Melodies have a richness to them, for they are reflected in multiple instruments. Usage of various different genres within the sound, from R&B to rock to indie pop feels fantastic. His voice truly carries the whole of the work. Notes of the Sea and Cake’s sophisticated take on pop further adds to the song’s overall elegance. Even as he sings to lose control, the song has a tenderness to it. Rather than going for defiance, the work has a prettiness to it. By allowing these many elements coming into the fray the song has a kindness that feels fantastic.

“Share This Moment” features the laid-back, easy-going spirit of Tennyson King and proves him to be an exceptional storyteller.



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