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The Art Crimes Band keeps things subtle with the soothing simplicity of “If Only”.

The Art Crimes Band - If Only (Piano Bar Version)

The Art Crimes Band keeps things subtle on the soothing simplicity of “If Only (Piano Bar Version)”. Highly jazzy, there is a delicacy between the two sole elements. Vocals have a fragility to them one that conveys a deeply felt love. Piano features prominently too as there is a melody that seems to dovetail nicely for the delicacy of her voice. All of it defies easy categorization for they transcend trends for a style that is a lot more timeless. Lyrics here have a poetic quality to them sparse yet with each word gaining significance in large part due to those pregnant pauses. Space is of the essence too for the decay of the piano chords helps to add to its large atmospheric take.

From the very first moment they make sure everything matters. By keeping things to the bare bones, one can see the incredible structure that they have fully build on up. Throughout the whole of the experience they allow for a degree of interpretation of the sound itself, as there is that right balance between revelation and small significant moments. Once the two layers are woven together it becomes easy to get lost within the careful cadence of the work, the deliberate tempo they employ with such gusto to it, all the way to the finale.

“If Only (Piano Bar Version)” reveals in the elegance of the Art Crimes Band understated presence, for they make sure that their minimal take possesses a great deal of heart to it.



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