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The beautiful intimate exploration of “Therapy” by St. Loreto.

St. Loreto sings with pure bluesy soul on the beautiful intimate exploration of “Therapy”. His voice is front and centre from which all else flows. Impeccable guitar licks take shape over the course of the piece for he has a way of tapping into a natural sense of rhythm. By keeping things to the essentials, he gives every single gesture that additional emphasis, for the buildup of the sound too feels quite soothing to behold. With a mere guitar and his voice, the way the song bursts with such passion proves their fiery presence.

Right from the beginning they set the tone of the track – stark yet exquisitely beautiful in the way that they take their time. Grooves go for an epic build as there is an evolution in terms of the tenor of the track, one that becomes fully engrossing. Early on, he merely does vocalizations but these morph into the carefully laid-out verses that enter into the fray with such kindness. An affectionate ode takes shape as the song progresses for there is a beauty to keeping things minimal. He also deftly sidesteps any trend as the way he presents the work has a fantastic, warm, welcoming presence to the whole of the work. For the final stretch the guitar sings alongside him as they compete to soar right on up into the sky with a majestic hue.

“Therapy” shows off St. Loreto’s skill in taking the ancient art form of the blues and bringing it into this very moment.



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