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The blues, alternative rock, country, and folk filter into the fray on RELOVE’s “Voices”.

RELOVE – Voices

The blues, alternative rock, country, and folk filter into the fray on RELOVE’s gorgeous display of “Voices”. From the glistening keyboards to the fantastic vocals and backup vocals, there is a community that resides at the very center of the entire arrangement. Always taking their time, the song is about atmosphere as much as it is about melody. Lyrics here tie the whole thing together working as an undercurrent to the glowing presence of the whole track. Rhythms too have a mellowed-out appearance making sure that the mood is properly set. Word choice and instrument choice matter for they allow the many elements to play off each other, building themselves up into a gorgeous frenzy.

From the very beginning there is so much soul and spirit behind the track. The fire of the vocalists adds to the sense of chaos. A certain degree of psychedelic rock meets folk further feels outright wonderful to behold. Shifting from tempo to tempo in their own way, at times the song has a chameleon-like presence, changing texture and color at will. With optimism they power the whole of the piece together, as there is a yearning that rests at the very heart of the matter. Guitar, strings, and keyboards bounce off each other in this constantly shifting soundscape. Volume is more than a must it is a given for they make sure to double and triple down on the sense of discovery.

“Voices” shows off the deft touch of RELOVE in creating a sound that feels contemporary yet somehow classic at the exact same time.



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