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The BRAND NEW Album by Martin Colgan.

The brand new album by Martin Colgan is out June 7th, entitled ‘The Last Boat to St. Helena’. The album is sonically cohesive and well produced as each track delivers a high standard as they are produced and written. This is no surprise to fans of Colgan as he produces and writes all of his own material himself, which is definitely another feather in his cap! Some standout tracks include ‘Street Chant’ and ‘Skydive’.

‘Street Chant’ has a strong rock-style drum instrumental with his vocals layered carefully on the track. You can really hear Colgan’s voice on this track especially well and this is why this track is a standout. The guitar combined with the harmonies towards the end of the song combine nicely together and allow the song to then build with the re-addition of the drum to the instrumental, to give the track a climactic build up. The song sonically radiates a positive and uplifting sound and makes you want to get in your car and go and watch the sunset on a summer's night, a feel good vibe! ‘Skydive’ brings something similar but different. Here we can hear a different and softer side of Colgan, both vocally and instrumentally. The softer rock guitar helps to show this well, a nice change and different side to him we enjoy listening to. The song's production wise are reminiscent of a Phil Collins styled track with the echo styled vocals and strong alternative rock sounding instruments layered alongside the vocals.

Overall an uplifting and emotionally fulfilling album with a lot to give and a strong message behind it. A cohesive and strong body of work from Martin Colgan, not that we are surprised by this man of many talents!

To be released via Hummdrumm Records

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