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Raw, real, and straight from your local, with The Decades debut track, 'Electricity'

A four-piece from the hills of County Wicklow, The Decades want to bring us back to the pub.

‘Electricity’ is the band’s introduction piece, the first single to be released by the blues-infused rockers. Tenacious vocals by frontman Seán Fox are backed up by a confident and comprehensive live-band sound, with Myles Keogh soaking it all with warm bass guitar. The guitars are thick, and have heart. David Mulvey’s drums keep a tight and exciting variety throughout the track; they offer both a thrilling pre-chorus, as well as giving space to the vocals when needed, as well as to a tasteful and satisfying guitar solo by Rhys Doyle.

The song sounds live. And that’s intentional. The Decades wanted to create an old-school sound, leaning into fully live-recorded drums and tube amps for the flavour of the track. The result is a little window into another world. It feels like being mercifully returned to a packed pub, happy soaking in the atmosphere, while a hidden gem of a band is blasting out an encore like their lives depend on it. It’s a refreshing change of pace, especially for ears weary of too much pop polish.

The whole package is sealed convincingly by Fox’s vocals. He has already opened for the likes of Aslan and Jerry Fish, and has released highly effective solo efforts in ‘Open Road’ and ‘Wires’ earlier this year, and it shows. Incorporated into an already cohesive sounding group project, ‘Electricity’ could well be the start of a good thing for local Irish rock. For those who long for a lock-in while stranded at home, The Decades are recommended.