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The Frisky Gypsys embraces a fine, classic rock power with “I Am Falling”.

The Frisky Gypsys - I Am Falling

The Frisky Gypsys embraces a fine, classic rock power with “I Am Falling”. Volume is a given for the sound crashes over the listener. Everything about it has an incredible rhythm to it. Grooves rush over it making it move quite intense in its own way. By far the highlight of the sound comes from the commanding vocals. Absolutely exquisite the lyrics have a power to them ones that feel incredibly personal. Sidestepping trends for an atmosphere that is a bit more timeless they make sure it all seemingly swirls together into this highly coherent whole.

A blast of rhythm comes through at the first moment helping to anchor the rest of the track. With this drum bass combo leading the way the rest of the song quickly falls into place. His voice has strength to all over it. Thanks to the unhinged nature of the vocals the rest of the piece swings on through with its unhinged quality. Buildup occurs making sure that there is a rigorous take on the sound, one that helps to further emphasize the lack of control the lyrics focus upon. Thus, the lyrics and music itself merge blending into a kaleidoscopic whole. Done with the largest amount of dignity it all feels quite impressive to behold, the way it all races forward for that final burst of energy at the finale.

“I Am Falling” has a grace to it, for the Frisky Gypsys help swing about in a way that feels gorgeous and full of passion.



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