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The Fullers embrace a classic indie folk sound with the tender tones of “Unreal City”.

The Fullers - Unreal City

The Fullers embrace a classic indie folk sound with the tender tones of “Unreal City”. A great deal of emphasis is placed upon the lyrics for they have an uncanny storytelling ability. Over the course of the song the listener gets to hear a poetry of sorts one that feels absolutely fantastic to behold. With a keen ear for melody, they allow the song a strong graceful allure. Every word is chosen with the utmost of care, for they make sure that the delicate arrangement remains absolutely beautiful. By incorporating a sense of space, a geographic vastness, they ensure too that there is a true love for the surroundings. Plus, their vocals contain multitudes with the honeyed quality reminiscent of early Fleet Foxes.

From the beginning they set the mood in a hushed, reverent posture. The rest of the band gradually enters into the fray, but patience is the trick. A spry rhythm takes shape but never becomes overwhelming. Production here has a crispness to it so every single instrument gets room to roam. Never saturated, there is a pastoral beauty to it, the way that large open spaces in a city tend to bring people together to wonder in awe at the exquisiteness of it all. For the final stretch they let their hair down a little bit, rolling about like Grizzly Bear at their most carefree before bringing it all to a close.

“Unreal City” revels in the exquisite textures that the Fullers are able to weave with such ease.



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