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The Fur exciting new talent on the music scene - New Release 'Autograph'

Making their debut last year, The Fur is an exciting new talent on the music scene that is certainly one to keep an eye on. Hailing from Sweden, they are back with the release of their latest new single and exciting new track, Autograph. Continuing to showcase their skill and talent for expertly crafting addictive and ea

r-catching dance-pop vibes, The Fur have been rapidly capturing the attention of listeners the world over and expanding an ever-growing fanbase. With big things on the horizon, and more in store from The Fur, make sure you don’t miss out on all their latest new music and exciting musical journey.

With a burning passion for all things music, THE FUR creates and shares music for the love of it; with Autograph being no exception, and the latest example of this. Utilizing their platform to share moving, bold and hard-hitting tracks, with meaningful messages behind the music and lyrics; Autograph can be seen as an engaging commentary on the moral decline that has occurred with politics over recent years - touching upon one of the most pertinent political events that occurred over the course of the pandemic in January of last year.

With an overarchingly captivating dance-pop beat that runs throughout, Autograph can be seen to draw inspiration from songs such as Straight up by Paula Abdul; drawing us into a stunning and energetic soundscape that is reminiscent of early 90s synth-pop. Alongside this, The Fur also seamlessly combine a blend of modern sounds and energies, with acoustic instruments, to create a vibrant and eclectic soundscape. With a big and bold production, we get an array of sounds and styles that creates something unique and original; all effortlessly layered beneath lively pop-rock vocals.



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