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THE FUR to pay tribute to one of his favorite cities with a new single, 'Night Eyes Paradise...'

'Night Eyes Paradise' is the latest single release from Stockholm-based artist The Fur. Having remained much of a mystery in the music scene up to now, none of us are 100% on the artist's true identity. We imagine he is an experienced musician as the songs are certainly the work of a master songwriter and producer. But that's all we really know, and so you'll have to pay less attention to the artist and more to the music...

Yet despite not knowing the identity of this elusive music creator, we are able to truly get to know him through his musical output. This latest single is a really good personal insight into the artist’s state of mind when he first visited the stunning city of New York. On his first trip there in 2011, The Fur felt an instant connection with this iconic city, which is a place that has that kind of amazing energy that makes you feel like anything can happen. It's that magic that inspired the song and the track becomes a nostalgic ode to the city; as the artist dreams of returning to that same state of mind that New York induced once more.

A remix of an existing track of the same name 'Night Eyes', the refreshed interpretation of the track showcases the artist's skill at re-working music. This reimagining of the track is synonymous with the theme of the track - dreaming up something fresh and creating new memories...

It almost feels inevitable that someone with such character quirks as an artist would immediately connect with a place like New York City. After all, this is the city where everything can happen. This is the city where all the connections can lead to something special and unique anywhere like-minded souls from all over the world converge in search for freedom, and passion. The Fur definitely resonated with this beautiful spirit and his most recent song, 'Night Eyes Paradise' is a perfect portrait of that. The song is very energetic and fun, with a pop vibe that makes it instantly memorable. If you like commercial music with a more modern vibe, this song is going to be right up your alley, so it’s definitely recommended!

Find out more about THE FUR and listen to 'Night Eyes Paradise', which is now available on your favorite streaming service.



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