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The Good in People delves into a colourful realm on the blissed-out grooves.

The Good in People - You're Good Enough (feat. Chelsea B-F)

An intrinsic beauty and reassurance come through on the Good in People’s gentle “You’re Good Enough (feat. Chelsea B-F)”. The demeanor of the song is a kind one, the sort of spirit that can soothe the very soul. Guitar work has a delicacy to it while the riffs weave their way into the lovely mix. By far though the vocals take it away with wonderful lyrics that are quite poignant and touching. Mood matters a great deal for there is a dewy, dreamy-eyed cadence to the entirety of the piece one that feels outright stunning to behold.

Spaciousness introduces the work for they deal in wide-open spaces. Sun pours forth out of the entirety of the track as it all comes together in a gorgeous, swirling fashion. By allowing the many layers to intermingle they create a kaleidoscopic, almost psychedelic stream of colours that further filter into the fray. Despite the many different elements that work in unison, the whole of the sound feels akin to floating. There is a lightness to the track for the vocals have a deep, calming presence to them that feels heartfelt. Melodies waft up into the sky as the cerebral heady nature of the piece works its magic. Nearly symphonic in its classical affect, there is a patience that drives the whole of the sound forward.

The Good in People delves into a colourful realm on the blissed-out grooves of “You’re Good Enough (feat. Chelsea B-F)”.



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