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The Kyd tap into an undeniable swagger on the spirited freeform flow of “Good Morning".

The Kyd - Good Morning (feat. Misfit James)

The Kyd tap into an undeniable swagger on the spirited freeform flow of “Good Morning (feat. Misfit James)”. An old school vibe reigns supreme over the track. By keeping it with this slight retro vibe a sense of comfort emerges on the track. Rhythms have a mellowed atmosphere about it. In the center of all of it the sampled melody rolls about, evolving with a meditative quality. Easily the highlight and heart of the work comes from his verses, which neatly cascade downwards in a fantastic array of detail. Word choice matters for there is a delicacy to the way that they are stacked together resulting in a Byzantine mixture. Despite the heaviness of the sound there is a fragility within it, one that helps to lend the song a confessional quality, even as the verses reflect upon accomplishments.

Warped sounds open things up on a hazy kick. The bass rumbles on through with true might. Beats have a classic quality to them. Synthesizer adds to the already quite ornate low end. Full of a sense of triumph it works wonders, swirling about in a gorgeous way. Everything here has an intensity behind it, from the lyricism to the way that the song runs through with that fantastic driving tempo. Almost a meditation on life, the way that it works towards the end further adds to that sense of grandeur.

“Good Morning (feat. Misfit James)” revels in The Kyd’s uncanny ability to tell a story that truly lingers in the mind.



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