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The Last Of The Fallen Angels are back with mystifying new track: "One Mistake"

September 2022 - The Last Of The Fallen Angels has recently released a brand new studio single named "One Mistake". This single from this incredible duo featuring Conrad McQueen and Simon Ellis is an excellent achievement for the artist, who continues to set the bar higher with groundbreaking ideas. "One Mistake" is all about creativity: The Last Of The Fallen Angels is a left-thinking pair of collaborators who love to combine unique sounds with timeless musical tropes in order to create a characterful tone.

This release stands out as a great example of the kind of production excellence and quality that you can expect from The Last Of The Fallen Angels. It is not surprising, giving producer Simon Ellis’ impressive background, with a portfolio including artists such as Westlife or Spice Girls. The music is a blend of influences, making for a catchy, yet innovative sound. At the end of the day, the pair excelled in the difficult task of crafting a distinctive style. The sound of The Last Of The Fallen Angels escapes easy comparisons, yet fans of kaleidoscopic sound design and varied arrangements would definitely connect with his vision.

Find out more about The Last Of The Fallen Angels, and check out "One Mistake" on all major digital streaming services.



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