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‘The Light’, An Uplifting and Feel-Good Tune, Marks 1 Year Since the Swedish Artist’s First Release

The Light is the seventh original release from Swedish artist, songwriter and producer THE FUR. Released on 18th June 2022, this new song marks exactly one year since his first single, Americana. This emotional new track discusses important feelings related to mental health struggles, as it was written for a friend who struggles with panic anxiety. The lyrics are sung beautifully by Los Angeles-based Korean American singer Ashley Alisha, who belts out an anthemic chorus with the lines ‘You have the light in you, you have the light, you’ll be alright, hold on to it tonight’. THE FUR will hope that this optimistic outlook of hope and strength rubs off on anyone listening to the song who may be feeling down.

Talking of the cover art that he created himself by tradition, THE FUR points out that there are numerous symbols within it.

He says: “The immediate thing you see is the cross, and I think it is the perfect symbol for many reasons. First and foremost, the red cross is a universal symbol for medical care. Since this song is focusing on taking care of your mental health, it’s a good fit.

“You can also see the cross as a symbol of the church, which makes perfect sense to me, since the church is a place where millions of people – myself included – seek inner peace and support. It is also possible to see the cross as a human body with open arms, which is something that all of us need when we are feeling lost and anxious; someone who accepts us with open arms and love. The colours are changed to match my own palette, which usually include purple, pink, blue and white.”

We can tell that THE FUR puts a lot of thought into the entire world of a song; not just the lyrics or music, but the cover art too, emphasising his passion for music and his efforts to provide his audience with an all-round great experience.

You can listen to this new track and check out the incredible cover art here:



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