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“The Lord is Kind” reveals Gedalya to be a singer-songwriter of the highest calibre.

Gedalya - The Lord is Kind

Gedalya radiates pure positivity on the soulful “The Lord is Kind”. Sung straight from the heart, Gedalya taps into the very soul of folk music. Originally a communal sort of sound one that brought people together, he brings out this long-forgotten element to deliver a message of pure reassurance. No judgement, no loneliness, only love flows through the whole of the piece one of pure acceptance and the utmost of grace. Behind him, the band works to further reinforce this message without needing to say a single word because his verses are all that are needed. Every word is chosen with the greatest of care for every little element matters. By far though the very centre of it rests with his caring vocals, the sorts of things that are easy to get lost in.

Buildup here happens with such considered movements. The rhythm possesses a giddy energy one that serves to hold up the infectious sense of joy that touches every small flourish with the sound. Within the tempo the percussion is kept restrained yet crystal clear, effortlessly working with the power of his voice. Never overdoing things the simple yet effective approach helps to give it a tremendous kindness, one that feels ever so peaceful with the cyclical nature of the whole of the work.

“The Lord is Kind” reveals Gedalya to be a singer-songwriter of the highest calibre one who crafts a lovely, warm, and welcoming world a world not dissimilar from what is all around us.


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