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The Melodies of ZeZe

Music Mogul Zeze expressed in a recent interview that he puts his utmost effort into his melody composition when producing his tracks. The mogul believes that only the best melody can remain in people's hearts. This comes as no surprise, as his Chinese heritage plays a special role in his career.

ZeZe started his early music life at the ae of four through the influence of his mother. He was later admitted to the Royal Academy of Music in London, in which he studied music compositions along with orchestral arrangements. In a recent interview he claimed, “People need to know that Chinese people have good music and immense talent, just like we have here in America”. Asian-based music tends to be more melody driven, so with his classical background and Chinese heritage, it’s no wonder ZeZe has had wild success with his compositions.

The producer’s latest single with DJ Bander, “The Vision is Clear”, posted Number 3 on iTunes, making ZeZe one of the only Chinese producers ever charted there. You can look for new melodies from ZeZe with Soulja Boy, and other major collaborations this spring.

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