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The Night Before the Morning After

In James’s words, the concept of his debut album The Night Before the Morning After is about “Being a young person at the moment.” He goes on to say, “When we’re under the influence we see the world a certain way. What if we were to see the world that way always? The highs of life give us a recollection of a certain feeling, a feeling of youthfulness. Being care-free. And having no pre-conceptions." The album explores topics such as feelings of loneliness, drug and alcohol usage, wanting to find yourself and overall introspection.

James Shannon is a rapper, singer, and producer originally from Blanchardstown in Dublin. He has been in the music industry for five years now. He is exploring new paths into experimental hip-hop and R&B. He started his venture into the music domain at the age of 15, when he felt this life was going in the right direction, and he felt in his element. He thought that no one other than himself would express best what he felt or what he was doing. He uses his lyrics to feel better about himself and even to empower himself through words. Indeed, we all think that words to enable us, whether we write or speak them. You can notice influences from Notorious BIG, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, or J-Cole. Nowadays, he is influenced by modern artists such as Arctic Monkeys, Mac Miller, Frank Ocean.


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