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The Ocean Deep goes for an intense industrial pop perfection with “Cyanide”.

The Ocean Deep – Cyanide

The Ocean Deep goes for an intense industrial pop perfection with “Cyanide”. So much urgency is brought into the sound and volume is an absolute must. With a sheer physicality to the track, they opt for a force of nature display as it resembles a virtual wall of sound at times. Hooks are aplenty for there is an inherent catchiness to the way they craft the epic quality of the sound. Everything here works with a keen balance to the radiate of the atmosphere. By far though the highlight of the piece comes from their vocals, for the lyricism has a quiet sense of poetry to it.

From the hit of the first beat, they waste no time in setting the mood. The rest of the song shifts into place perfectly. A grandeur emerges for the sweeping motion of the work feels outright joyous to observe. With their delivery he touches upon a bit of the Postal Service gone into hard rock. Patterns here have such a beauty to them for they weave so many colours into the mix. So much life bursts forth from the great display of colours they explore. Intensity of the work happens quite stunningly as they bring layer upon layer into the mix. Quite easy to get lost in, the main feature of the work is the power of their voice, never overwhelming, always seemingly possessing just the right degree of tenderness.

“Cyanide” features an exquisite display for the Ocean Deep proves to be true masters of their craft.



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