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The raw junkyard garage rock energy is strong with Moon Walker’s “Doombox”.

Moon Walker – Doombox

The raw junkyard garage rock energy is strong with Moon Walker’s “Doombox”. A gleeful trip into calamity, the song’s jagged edges work wonders. Lyrics cut to the heart of the matter, the apocalyptic tone of the word choice aptly depicting this very moment in the world. Great nods are given to other equally confrontational bands, from Women to Harlem in a way that has a beauty about it. Riffs are strong, mighty, and fuzzed out. Bass and drums feature a ramshackle aspect to them. Kept loose, these rhythms help to instill a sense of doom within the whole of the track. The vocalist really does tie this all together for he has a commanding presence that simply works.

From the very beginning they hold nothing back. Tremendous energy pours out of the whole band. Over the course of the track, they wind their way through everything the world has to offer. Cryptic tales from the radio, people around them talking, they filter this through their lyricism. Everything about it has a defiance, a desire to rise above all this madness. With this tension they help to instill a bit of drama within the narrative, one that anybody should feel familiar with. On one hand there is the hope that this chaos that surrounds us eventually ends, that things return to normal. Right on the other side of things is maybe this is the new normal and everybody just needs to make peace with it. Cleverly, they do not make that decision but leave it up to the listener.

Moon Walker offers a sly, seductive take on classic 60s/70s psychedelic pop on the surreal “Doombox”.



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