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The Redroom features a frenzied post-punk spirit with “Frontline”.

The Redroom – Frontline

A wild, uninhibited fervor drives the song forward. Really, they all listen to each other resulting in fantastic interplay. Layers are brought in with their jagged edges. Drums have a power to them for they drive forward with a wild, feral energy. With their riffs the gritty raw edges are left exposed and the vocals rise above the rest of the sound in a way that captures a true force of nature. Every single piece lock into place as the atmosphere has a kaleidoscopic flair to it. Stylistically the piece brings to the table elements of post-punk, garage rock, and pop in huge dollops. Volume dominates in a supremely excellent way for it bludgeons the listener into submission quite quickly. By the atmosphere itself feels lush, as there is a luxuriousness to the way detailed sound comes in and out of focus.

Very quickly they start things up with such fury. A fiery presence defines them for they bring about some of the wonderful aspects of latter-day groups such as Dry Cleaning and Fake Fruit. Within the impulsive burst of energy, the rest of the song grows and builds. Evolution of the sound works wonders. Quite excellent the piece has a power about it, with the propulsive energy never letting up. Taut and tightly bound up, the tension that exists within the track has a grandeur to it.

“Frontline” shows off the Redroom’s uncanny ability to capture a fully fleshed out, wild sound that has a beauty behind it.



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