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The sheer bliss of Sarpa Salpa’s “Another Life”

Sarpa Salpa - Another Life

A giddiness guides the whole of Sarpa Salpa’s “Another Life”. The fluorescent synthesizer leads the way as the entirety of the track has a peppy, persistent quality to it. Everything about it, from the video-game like cadence of the sound to its undeniably catchy groove, is designed for maximum impact. Heavy nods to club culture as viewed through the lens of retro 80s pop means that the entirety of the piece swirls about in a fantastic glow. Vocals perfectly match the rest of the track’s energy, for their staccato delivery is a pure bliss. References abound throughout the track, but perhaps the closest companions to this sound would be the unabashedly joyous energy of DFA Records party-starters Holy Ghost.

Right from the burst of colour that opens the piece, the tone is set in a dazzling display. So much energy races on through, for they switch off between the entirety of the band in a way that gives the song a carefree disposition. Usage of the guitar riffs further add to the dance-rock ethos of the whole piece. Drums have a spirited cadence to them for they play with listener expectations. Elastic grooves work wonders as the driving pulsing rhythm further adds to the track’s inherent sense of spirit. Layer upon layer filters into the fray allowing the entirety of the piece a sense of pure grandeur.

The sheer bliss of Sarpa Salpa’s “Another Life” delves into a celebratory atmosphere one that is a pure joy to behold.



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