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The strong intensity of “Death Be Gentle (Moenchsgeier)” for there is a wild power about it.

Ralph Beeby & the Elephant Collective - Death Be Gentle (Moenchsgeier)

Ralph Beeby & the Elephant Collective features the strong intensity of “Death Be Gentle (Moenchsgeier)” for there is a wild power about it. The bluesy take of the sound infuses a psychedelic sheen about it. Vocals go for a clear-eyed focus of the piece. Lyrics go for a personal, vulnerable quality about them. Word choice here matters and his flow has such fire about it. Never rushing things, the song has a grandeur to it. Small things matter for the little flourishes help to add to the atmosphere. Instrumentally they go for a bit of depth, as the bass and the rhythm itself has a loveliness.

Volume reigns supreme for right from the beginning they start things up. Guitar riffs have a classic approach to it, as there is a wildness about it. Layers are brought into the fray. The filtered quality of the piece further lends to the balance of it. Within the voice and the guitar there is so much depth. By allowing the work to sprawl, a degree of ambition informs it all. Allowing the track to evolve the song feels gorgeous. Throughout the whole of the work the song features so colorful, as they also bring a bit of southern blues and garage rock. Building things up into a virtual wall of sound there is no escape from the all-consuming aura that radiates from it.

“Death Be Gentle (Moenchsgeier)” shows off Ralph Beeby & the Elephant Collective’s ability to craft a soulful, tender work.



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