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The Super Late Night Delivers Something Stellar on the Universal Themes of “Mess”

A powerful ode to the messiness of relationships, the Super Late Night delivers an energetic emo-punk parable with “Mess.” Everything about it stuns, from the infectious melody to his clever lyricism. Rather than dwelling with sadness, he opts to focus on the bewildering nature of relationships. The arrangement goes through several different suites including elements of dance-rock, Emo-punk, and electro for good measure. With a classic timeless sound that stands next to the greats like the 1975 and 5 Seconds of Summer, the piece has a joyous quality that lingers in the mind long after the track has ended.

Right from the beginning the energy feels intense, with distorted vocals leading the way. From there the rest of the groove quickly comes into place. He races through the track length, proving to be a particularly fine storyteller, recalling the end of a messy relationship. The trick of the track and how it rises above is how the lyrics point to a way forward after the end of a relationship rather than being mournful about the loss. While there is a bit of sadness to the piece for the most part it proves to be highly positive, pointing a way forward towards a better life and towards better, healthier relationships in the future in such a powerful way.

The Super Late Night delivers something stellar on the universal themes of “Mess” and does so with gusto.


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