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The wordplay on here is fantastic as his raps have an old school style about them.

Ozi - Just Watch

Ozi’s flow is pure fire on the intense rush of “Just Watch”. Done with the utmost of dignity he ensures that every single moment counts. The wordplay on here is fantastic as his raps have an old school style about them. Usage of the cyclical rhythm further ensures that the track length itself feels dilated in its own peculiar way. Everything about it has a lush, luxurious quality to all of it. Layer upon layer of it intermingles resulting in something that feels effortless to observe. Beats and samples are brought in a way that gives it a gritty, urbane quality to all of it.

His voice introduces the track and serves as the very central point of the whole thing. From there the verses are brought together. The woven tapestry of the sound itself feels outright gorgeous, for there is a lot of depth to fully explore. Samples filter in and out of the mix as if the entire experience is one about constant evolution. Cycling on through with a razor-sharp clarity to it all there is some power to be had in terms of how the whole thing unspools. Various little flourishes matter a great deal for there is an emotional component, one that has a tenderness to it that feels so very real. By allowing this all to occur there is a brilliance to the way it elaborates upon that initial impulse.

“Just Watch” features an impeccable sort of style, one that Ozi sculpts an intricate world that feels distinctly his own.



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