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Til Now brings all the feels with “bored”.

Til Now – bored

Til Now brings all the feels with “bored”. On this track they tap into early aughts indie rock in a way that touches my very heart. Full of an earnestness they hold absolutely nothing back for the song gets propelled forwards thanks in large part to the exceptional rhythm section. Right in the center of all this goodness though is something that really brings it to the next level – the voice. Vocals on here are pristine, perfect, and pure. Even the lyricism plays directly into that era’s style of music, confessional, vaguely romantic, yearning. All of these emotions are balanced together giving it a fully realized quality.

From the very beginning the song’s atmosphere adds to the power of the work. The atmosphere has an inviting quality to it. Layer upon layer adds to the sheer tenor of the track. Quite beautiful the song evolves in a clever way. Done with dignity the song at times recalls a bit of Blink182, Coheed and Cambria, and the whole rest of that style. Everything here is does perfectly and the song demands to be played at the loudest. While listening to it, there is a driving power behind it. A sense of community rushes through the whole of the work. Thanks in part to the wonderful interplay the whole song has a welcoming presence to it all the way until the very finish.

“bored” features the exquisite work of Til Now in reviving a perennial favorite genre, the sort of indie rock that is full of soul.



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