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“Time & I” features HSTR’s uncanny ability to deliver something that stuns the very soul.

HSTR - Time & I

HSTR delivers a heartfelt country rock ballad on the blissed-out beauty of “Time & I”. Within the whole of the piece the very cornerstone is her assured voice. She sings with a certain fire and passion, one that steadily builds over the course of the track. Nor is she alone in her ability to take this sort of sound and transform it into something classic. Pieces of the work do point a bit to Weyes Blood’s soothing, almost retro spirit.

Guitar licks have a compassionate cadence right from the beginning. Upon the inclusion of the vocals the track gets well-fleshed out. Layers are added into the mix, making sure that the piece gradually expands. Her lyricism has a thoughtfulness to it making sure that every word is chosen with the utmost of care to further ensure that the captivation from that initial spark lasts for the song’s duration. Quite clever they never lose sight of that immediate moment as they make sure that there is a togetherness about it. Interplay feels fully fantastic as there is a kindness to the power of her works. Further adding to this sort of timeless quality of the piece are the textures utilized, a distinct western twang yet with a slightly polished poise to it. For the final stretch the tempo becomes quite driving making sure that nothing is held back in that final dash for the very finish.

“Time & I” features HSTR’s uncanny ability to deliver something that stuns the very soul.



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