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“To me” comes straight from the heart.

Satre - To me

A lush orchestra of synthesizers swirl around on Satre’s lovely “To me”. Updating the ballad for this moment in time, the song stuns with its sheer production. Headphones and good speakers are recommended for the production stuns with its luxurious aura. Nimble crisp beats serve as the perfect punctuation to the power of her voice. Over the course of the piece the groove goes for a physicality to it, not dissimilar to James Blake’s thoughtful take on R&B. Similar to his music, there are hooks aplenty and the song unfurls at its own pace.

There is a certain poetry to the way she unfurls these sounds, giving them a sense of majesty.

Immediately the sound sparkles and shines with such grace. Gestures are given the utmost of attention for they burst with tremendous displays of colour. Swirling about in a gorgeous haze, the way they further emphasize the power of her words feels pitch perfect. The percussion has an elastic quality to it for the way that the sound seems to stretch and compress adds to the overall flexibility of the piece. Nearly symphonic with the evolution of the sound, Satre also draws from such synthetic pop like SOPHIE in terms of its tactile quality. Beats anchor the whole of the track even as the rest of the piece threatens to fully break free in a wonderful rush.

“To me” comes straight from the heart, showing Satre to be a true sculptor of her own sonic universe.


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