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Toast embraces a loopy, nostalgia-soaked surreal rap on the splendour of “Toast TV”.

Toast - Toast TV

Toast embraces a loopy, nostalgia-soaked surreal rap on the splendour of “Toast TV”. Gifted with a fantastic producer (Kirti Pandey is incredible) the songs have a cartoonish, wild unexpected series of twists and turns. Lyrics race on through in a delirious daze. With a delivery that touches upon a bit of MF Doom’s style, there is a joyous attitude that glides through the whole of the album. Volume is a must for these are physical, hard-hitting tracks. Beyond the MF Doom, the efficiency and catchiness of the hooks draws a bit from J Dilla’s psychedelic loops with masterful impact.

“Welcome To Toast TV” opens the album up with a scratchy, wonderful ode to early TV with some fantastic effects thrown in. The low-slung G-funk of “Who I Am” begins things in earnest, as his vocals fit perfectly with the glowing samples. Beats flutter on upon with the shuffle of “Sex And The Trap (feat. KIL)” for the rapid-fire delivery has a little bit of Busta Rhymes intense flows. Stretched almost to the breaking point is the near broken beats of “Hustle And Losses”. A hint of grandeur and majesty blooms on “Bleeding Out”. Kaleidoscopic, psychedelic effects make “Show Me” the true highlight, for it all lines up perfectly. Vocals swim through so much distortion and disorientation on “More Than Hip Hop”. Fantastic collages and chop and screwed effects bring things to a close on the colossal finale of “Thank You For Watching”.

On “Toast TV” Toast proves to be an exceptional storyteller, observer of the absurd, and clever humorist all rolled into one.



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