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Tobias Sarra Releases Entrancing Debut Album 'A Beige Kind Of Grey'

Tobias Sarra is more than just a singer-songwriter. He has a fondness for improvisation, and as an interdisciplinary artist, he is always keen to explore new ideas and bring so much depth of creative exploration through his music. At times, you could describe Tobias as a singer-songwriter, but he is far from the “guy with a guitar” archetype. Sure, there is a lot of that too, but his music is so much more than that, since there is a strong improvisational and experimental flow, which allow him to explore different soundscapes, such as fuzzy ambient tones and some lo-fi aesthetics. His most recent album, which happens to be his debut, is indeed a fantastic take on all of his musical ideas. The album is titled “A Beige Kind Of Grey,” and it definitely deserves your attention.

Check this out if you are a fan of artists such as Alex G, Wilco, Dead Rituals or Calexico. The album is available to stream and download now on all major platforms, including Spotify:

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