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Tomás Ó Dálaigh fuses tradition and contemporary in debut single ‘N95’

Tomás Ó Dálaigh fuses tradition and contemporary in debut single ‘N95’

Hailing from Waterford, Tomás Ó Dálaigh fuses his Irish traditional style of fiddle playing with a modern, alternative folk soundscape, paving the way for a genre of vibrant, new-age Irish music; one that has captured me completely. Tomás describes his music as “rooted in the tradition but gives flower to a modern electro/acoustic sound of Ireland”. His 17 years of studying traditional Irish music is evident in his writing of this beautiful, innovative debut single ‘N95’ and the passion he holds for his craft is infectious (excuse the pun).

I believe this fusion of old and new yields reassurance, not only of evolving Irish music moving forward, but also of our nation moving forward from this current crisis. The visceral sounds of the traditional instruments of our past console us in a time of strange uncertainty, giving us the stability and courage to face one of the biggest challenges of our time.

Inspired by bands such as Moxie, ‘N95’ is very much a reflection of the Ireland we live in today. This song delivers a strong rhythmic groove, accompanied by rare and wonderful dream-like vocals, and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone who wants to get up and dance a little.

This music is a testament to modern Ireland and I for one am very excited for Tomás Ó Dálaigh’s next release.


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