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Tom Jackson goes for a heartfelt ode on the tenderness of “Goodbye”.

Tom Jackson – Goodbye

Tom Jackson goes for a heartfelt ode on the tenderness of “Goodbye”. Aptly named, there is a sense of longing that permeates the whole of the piece. With a mixture that brings together EDM, hip-hop, and pop the production glistens. So much attention to detail means that the whole of the track has a compelling, inviting presence to it. Very well structured, the beats snap and the melody itself has a crispness to it. Harry Styles’ influence can be heavily felt throughout, for there is that same outpouring of emotion alongside the vulnerability of the lyrics themselves.

A hushed awe introduces the piece. His voice has a steadiness to it, compassionate and lovely. The rest of the sound gradually gets filtered into the fray. When the beats truly land the song becomes a thing of exquisite, ornate delectability. Layer upon layer further adds to the Byzantine nature of the work, helping to make the piece something that has such a spaciousness to it. From there the rest of the sound gets filled out, resulting in a swirling almost psychedelic concoction. Attention to detail alongside a meditative spirit allows the song to truly become a vast tapestry, one whose patterns deliver their own poignancy. Everything here has a bouncing ethos to it, as the verses seem to meditate upon the importance of a relationship and how to truly make it something special.

“Goodbye” revels in Tom Jackson’s undeniably strong creativity delivering a piece whose message lingers with the listener long after the track has ended.



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