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TOMORROW: Dora Lachaise Releases Enchanting Single ‘I Confess’

With a vocal akin to Beth Gibbons of Portishead and elements of Sevdaliza production, Dora Lachaise creates alternative pop music for the lover of something a touch more profound than the mainstream.

This singer-songwriter and producer has created something at once soothing and unsettling with latest single 'I Confess'. It has a sultry, undulating bassline which draws you into the musical universe of the song and of the artist. The vocals are warm in tone; up close and personal; delivered with intention behind every word. This is music that is truly felt. Everything from the kick drum to the subtle backing vocals are uniquely crafted in a style which, despite having hints of other artists, is entirely Dora's.

'I Confess' is Dora's second single and is the follow up to debut release 'Bone Collector’. Available to stream/download on all platforms TOMORROW, make sure to take a listen to this enchanting song as soon as it drops…

'I Confess' drops TOMORROW March 5th on all major digital platforms.

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