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TOMORROW: Ivy Ash Will Release Showstopping New Single 'Third Degree'

Ivy Ash is an artist who is always searching for new ideas, finding inspiration in the most unique places (creatively speaking) as well as always challenging herself in terms of expanding her musical horizons. Her most recent song Third Degree, due out tomorrow, is a fantastic example of what it means to make great-sounding tracks that do not stick to the usual cliches and even rules. This release combines the appeal of pop with the fresh edge of electronic music, while also revealing Ivy Ash’s ability to think laterally and avoid getting stuck in the usual expectations that the audience might come to assume from an artist making this kind of music.

Ivy Ash’s new release, Third Degree, comes highly recommended if you enjoy the sound of artists like Halsey, Dua Lipa, Kesha, and Ellie Goulding. Much like the aforementioned talents, Ivy Ash managed to strike a chord with the audience by cultivating her stage persona and endowing her music with endless charisma and flow.

Find out more about Ivy Ash, and do not miss out on Third Degree. This new release is going to be available on all of the best digital music streaming services out there from the 26th of October!



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