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“Too Little, Too Late” the Celadors deliver something straight from the heart.

The Celadors - Too Little, Too Late

The Celadors present a sprawling ambitious vision on the life-affirming sound of “Too Little, Too Late”. Within this piece, they incorporate a multi-suite symphonic sort of sound, the kind that sweeps the listener off their feet. Vocals are delivered with a sense of urgency and honesty. Every lyric focuses on the world at large with all of its failings and reflects upon them in a way that feels quite visceral. Over the course of the piece the song has an almost modern bluesy spirit about it, for the way it cycles, grows, and builds feels akin to a sheer force of nature fervor.

A small organ swells and the vocals introduce the piece, giving it a regal air. From there the rest of the band gradually enters into the fray. They do this carefully and with precision. Rhythms have their own loose quality, at first with a highly tactile almost improvised fashion but settling into a spirited groove. Melodies radiance with a sun-drenched spirit for the organ seems to harp upon a sense of rebirth. Deep in the track’s very DNA is this attempt at rebirth as the beginning tension of the piece is resolved through the vast expansion of the sound until it virtually becomes a giant wave crashing over the listener in a mixture of psychedelic rock and ambient bliss.

On the powerful “Too Little, Too Late” the Celadors deliver something straight from the heart with such fire and passion.


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