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“Too Much” Reveals Jdotds to be a Highly Gifted Storyteller

Jdotds explores the complicated dynamics of relationships in a neo-soul singe, “Too Much.” Influences abound throughout the entirety of the track with the emphasis on love, at times touching upon Drake’s tender ballads. A mixture of neo-soul, R&B, and hip-hop all mesh together in a beautiful stream of consciousness. His flow feels flawless and he sings straight from the heart. The lush luxurious sound simply stuns as he creates a smooth groove that runs through the entirety of the track. Vocals rest in the centre of the track tweaked to perfection, and the multilayered approach feels absolutely incredible.

Little electronic flourishes open up the piece. The production has a richness to it drawing from James Blake’s highly original take on R&B. From there the vocals enter into the mix and things get started in earnest. Beats have a blissed-out approach to them hitting with just the right physicality. Atmospheric to its very core, it is easy to get lost in its dense mix. His lyrics has a great vulnerability to them, while they swim throughout the arrangement. Quite beautifully, he utilizes a symphonic take as he lets the piece breakdown and buildup. By letting the song’s very structure represent the breakdown of communication between two people in a relationship, everything feels so realistic.

“Too Much” reveals Jdotds to be a highly gifted storyteller one who sings from a lifetime of experience in a way that feels so real.


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