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Tough On Fridays embrace a timeless take on indie rock with the propulsive energy of “Lush”.

Tough On Fridays - Lush (Reimagined)

Tough On Fridays embrace a timeless take on indie rock with the propulsive energy of “Lush (Reimagined)”. Everything within the sound moves at a breakneck speed from the attack of the guitars to the way that the drums hit in that perfect way. Vocals scream overhead for they conjure up imagery of Kim Gordon as there is that same speed associated with their delivery. Nor do they concern themselves with any sort of buildup – the track begins with all cylinders firing. Rhythms are brought right to their very breaking point for they double and triple down in an intense wave of pure electric energy.

Fuzzed-out guitars lead the attack as the bass has a nice delicacy to all of it. Kept in lock, the whole of the experience races by. Akin to a sheer force of nature, they deliver a one-two punch most commonly associated with the likes of the Pixies at their heyday. Riffs have an infectious energy to them, the sorts of things that feels ever so spirited. Word choice is essential for they pick every verse for maximum impact. Thanks in large part to the relatively long duration, they really manage to get into the weeds of things. Thus, much of the sound has a rather nimble take to it as they mess with listener expectations, going up and down with their sheer joy for life. Done with such dignity they show what rock is capable of, that fire and passion prove essential.

“Lush (Reimagined)” offers the classic take of Tough On Fridays for they deliver something straight from the heart.



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