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Trav B Ryan goes hard on the intense hits of “The River”.

Trav B Ryan - The River

Trav B Ryan goes hard on the intense hits of “The River”. Beats have a nimbleness to them, with the right crisp hit of the snares adding to the punctuation of the piece. Done with dignity, the bass has that perfect cadence to it. Vocals have a hunger to them, for his flow has a fire to it. Lots of intermingling of the many elements result in something that swirls about in the mind. Full of dignity he makes sure that it all cascades ever downwards in a way that feels distinctly his own. Right in the background the many flourishes shift and change in an unexpected series of ways.

Atmosphere proves to be of the essence as there is a spaciousness to the sound. Layers filter into the mix further adding to a degree of depth. From there the rest of the song enters into the fray. With the right amount of muscle the mixture of bass and the snares help things rush forward. No matter what though the fastest pace comes from his lyrical delivery as the verses run fast as if in a gorgeous blur. Color matters for the song has a jazz-like ambience to it, one that comes partly from the piano sample that adorns it to the looseness of the beats themselves. Best of all though his own unflinching take on the lyrics makes sure that it burrows itself deep into the mind.

With “The River” Trav B Ryan combines the personal and the profound in a way that feels truly majestic.



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