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Trent in the Trees opts for a limber, lush take on the tremendously playful “End of the World Blues”

Trent in the Trees - End of the World Blues

Trent in the Trees opts for a limber, lush take on the tremendously playful “End of the World Blues”. Instrumentally they bring together pieces of dub, jazz, funk, and dance into a swirling, sensual mix. Lyrics here serve as the true highlight for they have a pointed, raw quality to them. Verses get brought together to make something truly unexpected. Cyclical rhythms further add to the hypnotic otherworldly quality of the piece. Quite a physical sound they make sure it all comes together in a beautiful way. Beyond the usual, they even add hints of vaporwave in order to fully flesh out the sound and give it a disoriented, hazy atmosphere.

Glowing right in the beginning they set the mood in a pitch perfect way. Word choice reveals a carefree attitude despite the endless chaos that has engulfed the world right now. From there they let that bassline expand, rolling on through in a physical fashion. Beats too have a spritely quality making sure that the whole piece flows perfectly. Melodies shine on through with their own distinct richness. Even the production has its own voice within the whole of the mix, as they do some wonderful tempo distortion and pitch shifting throughout. For the final moment they literally let everything melt on down into a slow-moving jam, something that is particularly stunning to behold.

“End of the World Blues” expresses a tropical, gliding groove one that revels in Trent in the Trees’ uncanny sense of humour.



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