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Trevor Griffin explores a lovely, lilting beauty with “flies (ft. Iamkingsolo)”.

Trevor Griffin - flies (ft. Iamkingsolo)

Trevor Griffin explores a lovely, lilting beauty with “flies (ft. Iamkingsolo)”. Stylistically he brings a tropical flavour into the fray featuring some gorgeous guitar work to help anchor it. Vocals possess a unique vulnerability to them for they take their time in floating on by. With a whole run of different genres brought into the fray the result is something that has its own unique personality. In some ways it draws a bit from folk traditions, and others it has a modern sleek feeling. To their credit they make sure to take the best of both worlds, making it simultaneously classic with perhaps a contemporary flair to it.

A neat gentle introduction with the acoustic guitar adds to the delicacy of the work. Upon the electronic beats entering in it adds to the muscular physicality of the track. With this approach they hold absolutely nothing back letting it all rush on right to the forefront. The sense of triumph proves to be a poignant one as they make sure the swirling, dazzling mix further feels pitch perfect. Lyrics have a yearning aspect to them, for they mix hopes of some alone time alongside something more intense and intimate. Rather than committing to either they find a middle ground exploring that fully. Beats here have a unique take to them, almost dance, almost hip-hop, and seemingly working wonders as punctuation to the power of his words.

“flies (ft. Iamkingsolo)” revels in a true sense of purpose for Trevor Griffin is a great sculptor of sound.

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