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TREZR embodies a breezy, gentle disposition on the soothing loveliness of “Cold”.

TREZR – Cold

TREZR embodies a breezy, gentle disposition on the soothing loveliness of “Cold”. Stylistically a mixture of R&B, pop, yacht rock and more there is a kindness to the way he brings it all together. Easy to get lost in all of its layers the lushness of the atmosphere has an inviting presence to it. By far the highlight comes from the assured quality of his voice. Within his verses there is a lived-in presence to it, for the intimacy of the track proves to be one of its biggest draws. Nods to groups like Toro Y Moi’s earlier, more low-key output seem to inform much of what he does, for everything moves at its own distinct pace.

Right from the open the song wafts on through with a weightless, carefree attitude. The drum kick has a heartbeat cadence to it embodying some of the giddiness that defines the beginning of any relationship. Upon the inclusion of vocals things get started in earnest. His lyricism has a nimbleness to it for it deftly explores the ins and outs of what it means to form a special bond with someone else. Evolution of the groove happens in subtle yet significant ways. Pace is the trick as the entire piece has a reassurance to it, floating on through with such care. For the final stretch there is a reflective stance as it all comes together in a rather meditative way.

“Cold” shows off TREZR’s uncanny ability to deliver something truly beautiful full of a tremendous amount of colour.

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