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Ty Arena$ presents a power pop meets punk fury of “Six Feet Under (feat. Kellin Quinn)”.

Ty Arena$ - Six Feet Under (feat. Kellin Quinn)

Ty Arena$ presents a power pop meets punk fury of “Six Feet Under (feat. Kellin Quinn)”. Volume is a given for theirs is an arena filling sound, the sort of communal experience that a lot of more hermetic pop tends to miss. Lots of passion gets poured into the overall mix. Swirling about with a sense of majesty every single element matters fully and completely as there is an undeniable steely-eyed gaze to the way that they sort it out. Hooks plenty reign supreme as it depicts a catchiness that feels quite righteous. Much of the song seemingly sucks the listener into their vexing aural universe.

Guitars race on through going alongside the vocals in a dignified way. The riffs chug about for the first few moments. Upon settling down they make sure there is a decency about it, one that feels truly remarkable. Over the course of the work, they incorporate a string of different verses, ones that reveal the true heart of the work. Nods to early aughts EMO much like Blink 182 and Coheed and Cambria take shape with each additional reiteration. By making sure they never hold anything back there is a wonderful heaviness to the way they swagger about. Truly one of those tracks that deserves to be played as loudly as possible while driving down the highway gives it that right kick to it.

“Six Feet Under (feat. Kellin Quinn)” delves in a wild, delirious world showing off the undeniable energy of Ty Arena$.



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