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TyFromTheFuturr conveys so much with each verse, crafting a universe that feels distinctly his own.

TyFromTheFuturr - Never Going Home

A blissed-out blend of Blink 182 and Gorillaz, TyFromTheFuturr offers an infectious piece of pop on the heartfelt “Never Going Home”. Sung with such soul, the storytelling that dominates the sound gives it a lived-in quality. The attention to detail matters for every single gesture feels carefully considered for maximum impact. From the electronic flourishes to the clever riffs from the guitar, it all comes together into an easy-going groove. His voice truly sells it though for there is almost a shaggy-dog aspect to his persona, one that feels completely honest and real.

Little electronic bubbles seem to introduce the piece. They take a moment to focus but when they do the hooks sink right in. Every element feels poignant with each additional shift in tone adding to the emotional cadence. His voice has an earnest spirit for the exploration of a new life takes front and center stage. A tale of pure universality, the concept of leaving home to never return has a great appeal to it for everything seems to ride upon it. With a move a complete reinvention of oneself can fully occur in a way that has a tenderness to it. Layers shift onto each other as there is a dazed, hazy quality to the way things end up. By the end of the track an entire meditation has occurred one that has a sweetness to it.

“Never Going Home” has a playful defiance to it, for TyFromTheFuturr manages to convey so much with each verse, crafting a universe that feels distinctly his own.



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