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Tyler Conroy explores a sunny joyous mood with “did you get better?”.

Tyler Conroy - did you get better?

Tyler Conroy explores a sunny joyous mood with “did you get better?”. Guitar playing has a dreamy aspect to it. Vocals have a tenderness to them. Lyrics explore what it means to navigate the complicated details of a relationship. Full of a sense of mystery, the way that many questions remain after a breakup are explored in exquisite detail. Within a relationship people truly get to share the most intimate parts of themselves for there is a lot of vulnerability that is needed earnestly in order to get things accurately captured. A sense of hopes also evolves, one that wishes their former love peace, a desire that their life later improved.

Angular acoustic guitar enters into the fray with the voice following soon after, for there is a delicacy in the way they bring it all together. Everything here features a contemplative sensibility, a compassion that is brought into focus over the course of the work. Gentle, graceful riffs emerge that harken to groups like the Fleet Foxes magical early output alongside the vulnerability of the Mountain Goats. Yet Tyler’s approach has a kinder tact than either of those groups, instead focusing purely on the other person rather than on themselves. The song of devotion grows ever deeper, for it shows how people can care about each other even when they are no longer together, because care knows no bounds.

“did you get better?” presents a sense of hope, for Tyler Conroy features a rather lovely take on the classic folk pop sound.



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