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“Typhoon” shows off the power of Junkheart’s voice, making it into a virtual force of nature.

Junkheart – Typhoon

Junkheart delves into a song of hope and yearning on the heartfelt “Typhoon”. The symphonic flourishes firmly rooted the song in a nu-R&B sort of cadence for they employ a bit of luxury into the proceedings. His vocals rest front and centre from which all else flows. Nor does he overstay his welcome for the song is kept to a lean under three minutes, but that’s really all he needs to tell a story. Melodies seem perfectly suited to punctuate the sheer power of his words, that flow on through with pure fire.

Fanfare introduces the track helping to give it a slight retro vibe before it dives headfirst into some soothing dexterous grooves. Bass frequencies flow on through with such elasticity. Everything truly goes for these sorts of soothing, reassuring cadence to it. Right in the centre his voice has a steadiness to it, as it has an almost wistful quality at times. Yet the message remains one that feels cheery in the right light, as the song has a dreamy-eyed gaze to it. Beyond the basic R&B kick, he brings about elements of pop, dubstep and electro into the gorgeous rush of textures. So much colour drenches the whole of the piece as it glimmers with the greatest level of care. For the final stretch he peels the sounds away to revel in the track’s beating pulse.

“Typhoon” shows off the power of Junkheart’s voice, making it into a virtual force of nature that draws the listener into a beautiful, glimmering world.

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