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Ugly Beautiful Return With New EP “Another Time”

Ugly Beautiful return with a four track EP, Another Time, due for release on December 11th. The Irish alt-rock trio include long term collaborators Kieran Lane, Michal Falender and Mick Gallagher. The project is led by the explosive lead single, ‘I Care’, and is accompanied by a music video. The collection of songs are at times thoughtful and introspective, while at other times dynamic and high octane. Driving alternative rock fuses with ear-worm melodies, well-crafted songwriting, and creative production.

Lead single “I Care” epitomizes the EP’s sound: dark, melodic tunes featuring big guitars, thunderous drums and a sense of space that draws you into deeper layers of texture and sound with every listen.

Lane says, “I was trying to capture how it felt early on in the pandemic. The song tries to express what goes on in the head when you're not in the best place. It's about patterns of thought, rabbit holes you can go down... you can get into negative patterns of thinking if you allow your mind to do that - but ultimately, it's all in your head, it's not real.”

He goes on to say, “There’s tons of stuff that we’re led to believe that we should care about right now: politics, what's in the news, what's popping up on your phone, endless interruptions, notifications that don't matter… All of these things are trying to make us care about them, but they don't really matter. Why should we care?”

The music video for “I Care” was created by visual artist Pawel Wach, a colleague of Lane’s from the live events industry. The band gave Pawel free reign to reinterpret the song, so there was minimal discussion before he went to work. Lane says, “We didn't want to influence him too much on what the song was about, hoping he would bring something new to it, find a new meaning that would take it somewhere else.” And what Wach has cooked up is a feast for the senses. It reimagines the song as the tale of an intimate relationship going wrong, coming good by focusing on minute details... the corner of the mouth, the movement of hands.

The EP, Another Time, was mastered by highly sought after live engineer Chris Le Dantec, another colleague of Lane’s, who was left with little to no work when the pandemic hit. Le Dantec brings a wealth of musical knowledge, an amazing set of ears and a touch of class to the production.

The Band

Ugly Beautiful’s sound blends alternative rock with hints of grunge and indie, and features intuitive songwriting and thoughtful production. The band was founded in 2007, and released their debut album in 2009, with tracks ‘Weekend’ and ‘Hundred to One’ doing well on radio rock shows. The band toured extensively around Ireland, playing the major cities as well as the Indiependence Festival two years running. In 2012 they followed up with the EP Little Secret, featuring more collaborative songwriting between Lane, Falender and Gallagher and resulting in Ugly Beautiful finding their own brand of alternative music.

A year later the band decided to go on hiatus. Falender (drums) moved home to Poland and Lane (lead vocals and guitar) changed careers to fully focus on music and production and has been working with various artists since 2014.

More recently the band reunited in 2019, playing in Poland and planned to follow up with a tour in the summer of 2020 - two weeks of gigs between Poland and Ireland. Finding himself with a lot of free time during the lockdown, Lane dug out some unreleased recordings the band had made pre-hiatus. He re-worked and re-imagined the tracks, rewrote lyrics, added layers of guitars and synths, and recorded vocals and backing vocals in his home studio. Lane produced and mixed the tracks... the fruits of his labour - this gem of an EP. Check out Another Time.


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