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“Underwater” shows off Eddie Cohn’s undeniable skill at crafting a world that is distinctly his own.

Eddie Cohn – Underwater

Eddie Cohn creates a vast, unruly beast of a song on the emotionally charged “Underwater”. A clever blend of pop, psychedelic rock, industrial, EDM, and so much more the way he ties it altogether feels masterful. The chaos of the track feels completely warranted. Beats hit with a specific cadence, as if they punctuate the power of his words. One of the main reasons it works so well is because of his exquisite lyricism. Words drip down as pure poetry with each verse given a degree of care. In many ways it seems to accurately depict the slow-moving churn of the world that is currently devouring it whole.

Beats introduce the piece with grace. Nearly geometric they bounce off the walls. Clever inclusions of classic elements further heighten the tension. While listening to it, one gets the sense of the western EDM paranoia of Underworld. Layer upon layer comes into the fray. Distortion and dissonance prove to be essential elements within the piece. Everything starts to filter on through while retaining that initial fury. He’s trying to break free within the lyrics for the song almost seems to slowly tear itself apart. In many ways this feels like what Depeche Mode could have explored had they pushed their sound further out into the experimental. For all the rather unusual musical twists and turns the piece remains irresistibly catchy, giving a grand example of exactly how thoughtful pop ought to be.



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