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Unique tune "Riddles" opens Elle León's EP Heart to Hearts

Riddles is the first track off Elle León's 'Heart to Hearts'. This song melts your heart and makes you want to sing along. Elle has an angelic voice, and the song is lyrically driven, with the rhythm supporting the vocal. If I may say, her style seems similar to Lana del Rey: magical, romantic, calm, yet playful.

Elle definitely has the talent to take the listener on a journey, creating an imaginative world for the listener's imagination. Listening to this song could make me feel positive no matter what had happened in my day.

When you really listen you can definitely hear her different roots. The Irish mix with the Spanish style is an awesome infusion and allows for a unique sound. Although she has a Spanish descent, she grew up in Kildare, Ireland, and has been based in Barcelona for four years. Her songs are vibrant, with playful and creative lyrics that truly capture your imagination and make you dream for a while. She debuted with a song called “Hearts to Hearts” in June 2020. The song took shape under the incredible production of Victor Valiente.

Her song is investigating a contemporary sound with a piece of classic elegance. Her songs are exciting due to the unique combination of piano, drums, synth, bright acoustic guitar, and some cello arrangements. The song was recorded with Arctic Wave and Infusiones Musicales, Barcelona. It was released under Punto G Label, a new label formed by fellow independent international Barcelona-based musicians after the fantastic success of the first edition of this festival in March. This was precisely one week before Lockdown.

“Riddle” is the song title that opens the album. The artist had written it in a moment when she missed Ireland and craved the nature miracle.