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“Universal Thing” shows off the deft skill of Of Shadows and Lights.

Of Shadows and Lights - Universal Thing

Of Shadows and Lights goes for a timeless sense of grace on the gargantuan grooves of “Universal Thing”. Sung with passion, the way his lyrics inspire feels undeniable. A clever mixture of new wave and indie pop the song shines with a tremendous degree of lightness. Rhythms here feel akin to ripples of water for they expand out into the seemingly infinite. Usage of guitars and keyboards results in a sound that feels distinctly his own. By far though the beating heart and soul of the sound comes from his commanding yet kind vocals, which have a lovely tenderness to them. Quite touching to behold he morphs the tempo in unexpectedly playful ways resulting in a fantastic journey.

Things start out in a sparse yet energetic way. Various bubbly beats bounce about for the kinetic energy is allowed to build at first. His voice points a clear direction towards an ever-larger aural universe one that features such warmth. When the bass hits and the rest of the groove suddenly bursts onto the scene it is the result of this skillful, painterly persistence that initially opened the track up. With the groove fully established his voice becomes ever more prominent, becoming an anchor for the undeniable catchiness. References abound, but perhaps the closest relative to this sort of sound is the gentle demeanor of the Postal Service’s first album in terms of its thought-provoking pop inclinations.

“Universal Thing” shows off the deft skill of Of Shadows and Lights in sculpting a sonic universe that is uniquely his own.

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