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Valley Onda and the the Emotionally Wraught “Gold”

Valley Onda goes for a brooding bombast on the emotionally wraught “Gold." Executed with a great level of care, the lyrics depict a yearning to rise above. By allowing the verses ample time to build and play off each other, Valley Onda prove to be exceptional storytellers. Going for a dark, post-punk ethos akin to Joy Division’s Ian Curtis, the way the track evolves feels quite natural. Though firmly rooted in a post-punk tradition, they also incorporate elements of electronica and classical odes into their fully formed composition. The vocals rest at the very center from which all else swirls as if trying to find their way out of a storm, always defiant, never willing to be put down.

Valley Onda singer Jordan Wilson writes ‘I remember feeling smothered at the time. I’d built up all these walls and fake enemies in my head. Gold was a cathartic realization that if I start putting myself first then naturally these walls will fade away’

Diving headfirst into the colossal mood, the way the elements shift feels highly natural. They sing up to the heavens while trying to overcome the anguish that life inevitably brings. Evolution of the sound makes it grow and grow until it becomes a vast wall of sound. From there the melodic richness kicks in to give it an additional edge. Underneath all of this is the spry drumming that has a nimbleness to it, almost jazz-like in its incredible display. Tension builds and builds until it absolutely erupts in a beautiful blast of colour for the furious finale.

“Gold” reveals Valley Onda to be powerful singers as they reflect upon a life lived to the absolute fullest.


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