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Vassilis go for a gorgeous grandeur on the tender tones of “Puppy”.

Vassilis – Puppy

Vassilis go for a gorgeous grandeur on the tender tones of “Puppy”. A neat mixture of indie rock, lo-fi, and dream pop there is a blissfulness to the way it all unfurls. References abound to Guided by Voices, Archers of Loaf, and similarly minded sweet playful outfits. The lyrics here serve as the very centre of it all featuring a truly blissful moment one that has a soothing quality. Melodies too are produced with richness, for the guitar jangle imbued within the sound further adds to its welcoming presence.

The song enters in like a breeze, gaining a degree of poignancy. A hypnotic, surreal groove takes shape as the piece progresses. For the way the song transforms that initial theme gives it a classic cadence, for they make sure to take their time in letting it all come into play. With each element working wonders there is a bit of happiness to be found deep in the interior of the sound. Evolution of the piece happens with subtle gestures as they have a hushed awe about it. So much colour enters into the sound, making sure that there is a reverence to the way it all seemingly floats on by. Lines are poised and positioned with care. Nothing here ever needs to shout for there is a conversational approach to the way it all seemingly blends into this rather delicate tapestry.

“Puppy” features the deft poetry of Vassilis as they let a story unfurl, one that has a sweetness to it all.



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